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Verbier's Burger Bar

Delicious homemade hamburgers


It with sadness that we have to inform our faithful clientèle that, despite our efforts and goodwill, the lease has been terminated so that the landlord can use the premises for his own interests. Unable to find an adequate location in the centre of town at the right price, the right size and able to host a restaurant, we have been forced to close.

We remain, however, attentive to any possible new solutions that may present themselves, though this appears doubtful in the short to medium term.

We would like to thank all those that made Harold's such a success over the years.

However, you can still enjoy our burgers by visiting us in our new venture in Bruson, just 5 minutes above Le Châble. We would very much like to welcome you in the restaurant Carrefour Bruson. You can also follow us on Facebook or on Twitter.

Also, follow our new business Stanley's Food Trucks on our web page, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Route de Verbier Station 104
1936 Verbier, Switzerland

Merci de nous avoir contacté!